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-The Stanley Wedding Day Timeline-

As many brides know, the wedding day timeline can be quite stressful to pin down. Your venue has a timeline, your photographer has a timeline, and your caterer has a timeline. But ultimately, it is up to you!

If you are lost, like most, here is a suggested timeline that works great if you are a Stanley couple:
Ladies Hair/Makeup- 10AM
Eat Something- 1:30PM
Wedding Party & Parents go to The Stanley/Decorate- 2PM
Put on Dresses/Tuxes- 3PM
Pictures/First Look- 3:30PM
Ceremony- 5:30PM
Reception/Cocktails- 6PM
Grand Entrance/Dinner- 6:30PM
Toasts- 7:30PM
Cake Cutting/First Dances- 7:45PM
Garter/Bouquet Toss- 9PM
Last Call- 10:30PM
Bride & Groom Send Off- 11PM

If your day is not going as planned and you’re running a little behind…BREATHE! Don’t stress about it. You have a lot of family and friends who love you and professionals to help you get back on track¬†to make sure your wedding goes smooth!
Just remember to have fun…you’re about to MARRY the one you love. Nothing else will matter once you see each other and say I DO!