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-The Stanley Wedding Day Timeline-

As many brides know, the wedding day timeline can be quite stressful to pin down. Your venue has a timeline, your photographer has a timeline, and your caterer has a timeline. But ultimately, it is up to you!

If you are lost, like most, here is a suggested timeline that works great if you are a Stanley couple:
Ladies Hair/Makeup- 10AM
Eat Something- 1:30PM
Wedding Party & Parents go to The Stanley/Decorate- 2PM
Put on Dresses/Tuxes- 3PM
Pictures/First Look- 3:30PM
Ceremony- 5:30PM
Reception/Cocktails- 6PM
Grand Entrance/Dinner- 6:30PM
Toasts- 7:30PM
Cake Cutting/First Dances- 7:45PM
Garter/Bouquet Toss- 9PM
Last Call- 10:30PM
Bride & Groom Send Off- 11PM

If your day is not going as planned and you’re running a little behind…BREATHE! Don’t stress about it. You have a lot of family and friends who love you and professionals to help you get back on track to make sure your wedding goes smooth!
Just remember to have fun…you’re about to MARRY the one you love. Nothing else will matter once you see each other and say I DO!