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-It’s All in the Details-

Hello brides, grooms and wedding enthusiasts!

If we know one thing after the countless number of weddings we’ve done over the years…we know that showing off your wedding personality is all about the details. Just a few hints of your relationship, likes, interests, favorite foods, etc.. throughout the ceremony and/or reception can help make your wedding unforgettable.

These simple hints can be as easy as placing a picture of you two on the guestbook table, putting your initials on the favors, or adding a candy buffet because everyone knows you are a HUGE sweet tooth! These little things will have your guests saying, “Oh, that is so her” or “I cannot believe he actually wore batman socks”!

Check out some personalized details some of our Brides and Grooms added to their BIG day!

Derik+Heather_188 hollycoleguestbook Caitlin Bar 1 Caitlin & Kaleb foyer table Caitlin & Kaleb foyer table 2 DSC_0245 Anna-4