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– The First Cutest Couple Contest Winners –

A little background information for you before I tell you why this couple won our contest!
The Cutest Couple Contest happens about two or three times every year and is based on the proposal story. It helps us to get to know our Bride’s and Groom’s a little better and in return, they automatically receive 50% off of our Something Borrowed items to use on their BIG day and the winner gets those same items for FREE!

So, with out further adieux, I would like to present the winners of the Cutest Couple Contest!
Jared and Jessica (10/24/2015) The Proposal Story
Jessica- “I have to admit, I had an idea of what the night would hold for me. Jared had after all told me to look at engagement rings and send him ideas in July! Since then my birthday and our anniversary had passed with lots of love, but no big questions. Something about the way he asked when we should do our annual Christmas dinner told me, this wouldn’t just be any dinner. So, like any sane girl, I decided that I needed to take off work an hour early to make sure I looked photo worthy.
Jared- “The night had finally come! That was all I could think during the day of December 13th stressing over the perfect way to propose, the day was finally here. I thought I had a simple enough plan: head to one of our favorite spots for a private proposal with 2 witnesses (Jessica’s mother and a friend to capture the proposal). The location was easy to choose; every Christmas season, me and Jessica venture to the roof level of Hall’s Plaza department store to see the famous Plaza Lights and take a picture with them shining behind us. Why not make this year’s picture a little extra special? This was the plan shared with the mother and friend so they could adjust their schedules. Of course this simple plan was easily altered. First, we decided to see the lights Thanksgiving night when they turned on, so the proposal would actually be our second visit of the season. Second, Kansas City decided that winter weather seemed appropriate for the forecast that day, so my whole work day was spent tracking the impending storm. Third, my manager decided to let us go early (which never happens) meaning I would get home around 4:30. Upon arriving home, I find a girlfriend already nearly done with her makeup and ready for some KC BBQ. Trying to stall for time, I lounge on the couch and watch my favorite, cheesy reality shows. Once the point comes where I HAVE to get ready, I put on some clothes and try to find more reasons to stall, but am out of excuses. Great, Jack Stack always has a wait since they don’t take reservations. Getting there about 5:30 should mean a 45 minute wait on ANY other Friday. However, Kansas City’s first snowstorm causes everyone to panic and stay home, meaning we are being seated for dinner at 5:45, well short of my 7:00 plan.
Jessica- “What do I talk about when I can’t tell the one person I tell everyone weird little thought that goes through my head that only thing that is going through my head right now (Are we getting engaged tonight?!) Somehow I pull myself together enough to not let those thoughts out of my head and we have a wonderful dinner. Although, for someone who never has his phone out at dinner, I think it is very odd how he keeps checking his phone.
Jared- “Normally a meal of Jack Stack burnt ends and cheesy corn will help anything, but not my anxiety about the impending proposal. While I almost never have my phone out during dinner, I have to keep checking the status of our arriving guests. The excuse of my friend in Texas telling a ridiculous story is believable any other time, but she knows something is up. I’m also nervously checking my jacket to make sure the ring is securely in the pocket.
Jessica- “I assumed that as soon as we were done with dinner, we would head back to the car but instead, Jared suggests that we go find a cupcake place he found and have some dessert, yet another thing that makes this night odd. Jared is never as hungry as I am and my sweet tooth is way bigger than his. I am stuffed after a delicious meal of barbeque salmon and I know he must be as well, so I can’t figure out why he would suggest going out for cupcakes, but I guess I will play along. We get to the cupcake place and they are closed! The not on the door says they closed thirty minutes before we got there because of weather. There was a long winter storm that had been supposed to come in that day that never materialized, so really there was just a cold sprinkle falling. Oh well, we really didn’t need cupcakes anyway, so we continue walking around the plaza. While this is all romantic and wonderful, it is also getting harder to feel my toes and I begin to wonder why we don’t head back to the car when he makes a turn for the parking garage. Jared insists that we go to the far side of the garage and take the elevator, rather than take the stairs closer to where we are. I go along with it because somehow walking farther without having to walk up seems more appealing.
Jared- “Walking around the plaza with our guests arrival still 20-30 minutes away, I knew I had to do something to keep us entertained. Suggesting cupcakes is probably a once every 3 years thing for me, but I had to find something to stall. Knowing Jessica has a sweet tooth, I decided the cupcake bakery around the corner was perfect. But of course, the one time I suggest cupcakes I’m again reminded about the mass panic caused in KC by winter weather. As I’m arguing with the door trying to figure out why a business owner would risk lost revenue on one of their 2 busiest nights (we are both business grads and nerds at heart), ideas are running short. The only thing I can think of is a simple walk. With the ring securely in my let chest pocket, I make sure Jessica stays on the right of me as we make the trek around the Plaza in a nice, cold mist. Finally, the second of our guests has arrived and is in position so we can head back. I keep up the charade of my friend’s story continuing to provide a cover for my constant texting.
Jessica- “Jared has been on his phone a lot the whole evening, including our walk and in the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors open, I know exactly why. At the other end of the parking garage, I see someone in a brown leather and multi-colored scarf run into the other stairwell. Even though I only saw if for a couple of seconds, there was no doubt, my mom just ran into that stairwell. That leather coat has been a staple of her wardrobe since well before I was born and I haven’t seen many others like it. I put my arm in Jared’s and try to remain calm as we walk to what has become our little corner of the garage. We have been coming to this place for years and have never seen anyone else there, but of course, tonight there are a bunch of people. Two van loads to be specific. Jared knows I don’t enjoy public spectacles, I think those flash mob proposals are cute, but I could never be the subject to one without turning bright red and finding a place to hide. So, we stand in our spot and wait for everyone to leave. During this time, we talk about out relationship and how far we have come from the first time we stood on that roof, looking at the Christmas lights. He know I know what is happening (which is even more obvious at this point as my mom and a friend of mine have come out of the stairwell and are taking pictures of us) and we spend a few minutes enjoying our last time as boyfriend and girlfriend. Finally, the people in the vans leave and Jared gets down on one knee. Honestly, the on one knee and putting the ring part is kind of a blur on blubbing and smiling and hugging.
Jared- “With just a few hundred feed to go, I’m warning our guests that we are coming up the elevator on the other side and they need to hide. Somehow this is not being understood until a text between floors 2 and 3. The doors swing open, and across the way I see our guests scurrying off the opposite stairwell while trying to keep Jessica’s attention on me. The cover is quickly blown as Jessica easily recognizes her mother across the way, and points out her car as we walk right by it. The next hurdle is an enormous family that has decided they’ve never seen lights before and want to take their sweet time looking out on the Plaza. Now that the plan I had so carefully worked on, down to the minute almost, was shot, I gave up and stated ‘I’m sure you know what’s going on here’. I was a little disappointed that the true surprise was gone, but those special moments we had right before the proposal will be in my memory forever. The anxiousness and excitement of what was about to happen reminded me again of why I love this girl and want her to be my wife one day. The actual proposal is a blur, and I’m grateful for the pictures to remind me of it. While this night did not go exactly as planned. it is one that I’ll recall with great joy throughout our lives together.
Jessica and Jared

We love this story because no matter the hick-ups, and unforeseen circumstances, love conquered and we are so happy to get to share their special day with them!

– Spring is HERE! –

Yay! We are super excited for warm weather, fresh air, and Spring weddings!
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Happy Planning everyone!